Replacement of 130 old single-flush toilets with new ecoBETA dual-flush toilets with ONLY 1 button.

Another phase of children bathrooms’ renovation for Copenhagen Municipality – ecoBETA’s strategic partner since 2007:

• 40 institutions identified
• solutions to toilets, taps and showers to be installed
• reporting and data analysis included

Pilot project for a hotel chain located in the capital of Saudi Arabia:

• 200 hotel rooms identified
• installation of flushing valves and accessories to showers and taps
• reporting and data analysis to be performed

Pilot project for elementary schools located in Dubai, Saudi Arabia:

• 20 school buildings identified
• installation of flushing valves and accessories to showers and taps
• reporting and data analysis to be performed

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Pilot projects performed at Kyalami Schools and Oxford Office Furniture (76% water conservation)

“We were delighted by the results. Not only are we saving water and the School’s financial resources, but it provides such a wonderful learning opportunity for the kids to truly understand and ‘live’ the concept of saving our most precious resource.”
– Gary Botha (CEO) – Kyalami Schools (NPC).

Kyalami Preparatory School has become the first Greenius school. Kyalami Preparatory School embarked on a pilot project to determine how much water the school could save by installing water-saving technologies. A water meter was installed to obtain a baseline. EkoSource then installed low-flow valves to the taps and water-saving flush mechanisms to the existing toilets. The baseline measurement showed an average of 6,7 Kilolitres of water used per week (costing approximately R217,14 per week). Following the installation, measurements showed as little as 1,88 Kilolitres being used per week (R60,50 per week). This equates to a seventy-six percent water saving and the return on investment was realised after one and a half months of savings.

“We installed several of the EcoBETA water saving devices in our home to reduce our water use, with great success. Not only are we contributing to assisting the water situation in South Africa, but our monthly water bill has decreased.”
– Nic Holzer, Johannesburg Resident and Business Owner (Oxford Office Furniture)

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In September 2015 ONEP (Office National de l’Eau Potable in Côte d’Ivoire) published a report presenting the results of phase 1 of pilot study in Abidjan.

• To investigate the level of water savings to be expected when implementing water efficiency retrofitting from ecoBETA in various locations.
• To understand the costs and benefits related to water efficiency.
• To observe indications of behavioural changes with regard to water use.

38% water-savings on total water consumption corresponding to annual savings of CFA 3 mill. (= EURO 4570) at 3 test sites.

Further savings can be achieved by following these recommendations:
• Maintenance and/or replacement of valves and piping must be completed prior to implementation of water efficiency retrofitting and is not to be part of the project.
• Training of maintenance staff to ensure and monitor the proper functioning of ecoBETA mechanisms and plumbing in general must be included in the project.
• A user awareness programme to ensure better use of valves and improve the responsiveness of maintenance staff in case of breakdowns or leaks must accompany implementation.

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A joint project of ecoBETA, ecoBETA’s local partner MEET Environmental Solutions (MEET), Sharjah Energy and Water Authority (SEWA) and Sharjah Municipality took place back in 2015.

After pre-selecting a suitable municipal building (SEWA head office in Sharjah), the project started with data collection in a form of water meter reading prior installation of ecoBETA products. This phase was conducted by SEWA between November 2014 and February 2015.

At the end of February 2015, ecoBETA water-saving toilet valves, retrofits and flow reducers (n=56) were installed by ecoBETA and MEET. Data collection continued for the rest of March 2015.

Installed products were used by 1662 people, where of 160 of them were staff and 1502 guests. Average savings per person per day were calculated as 11.25 litres.

In total, the selected building achieved daily savings of 48.1 %. With daily savings of 122.10 AED, ROI was achieved in 2.4 months.